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What is EPR?

The full name of EPR is extended producers responsiblity.

EPR is an environmental policy that holds producers accountable for the entire life cycle of the products they introduce into the market, from product design to end of life (including waste collection and disposal). Under the EPR regulations, responsible entities must mitigate the environmental impact of their products throughout the product life cycle.

What is EPR? Who needs to register for EPR?
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  • Do I have to inform the platform that I have fulfilled the EPR?

    If you want, please provide the platform party with your EPR registration number. The Amazon platform will share the link for uploading the EPR registration number in the fourth quarter of 2021.

  • What information do I provide to buyers and products after EPR registration?

    After registering for EPR, sellers need to put relevant information or marks on the products to consumers, including but not limited to:

    ①Print the trash can logo on the electronic and electrical products and packaging sold. ②Print the recycling registration number on the sales invoice. ③ Put the logo of the French packaging recycling company on the packaging carton. ④French electronic and electrical sellers need to list the environmental protection payment on the invoice.

  • I received an EPR registration reminder email, what should I do?

    ①Check whether the products you produce or sell conform to the EPR commodity classification; ②Confirm that the products you produce or sell involve several categories; ③Calculate the quantity that your relevant stores need to declare; Mark relevant marks on it and report regularly; ⑤ Fill in the registration certificate on the platform (generally: registration certificate and registration number).

  • Does each country need to register a different EPR?

    Yes, the EPR registration number is not universal across the European Union. Each country/region has different registration requirements, procedures and authorized agencies, and needs to be registered separately.

  • I am a self-shipping seller and am I eligible for the EPR policy?

    Yes, the policy is not related to the shipping method, but to the type of item being sold. Amazon requires both FBA sellers and self-shipping sellers to comply with the extended producer responsibility policy.

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