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Five troubles of cross-border e-commerce

Bulk transfer

As the development of cross-border e-commerce becomes more and more mature, sellers have more and more sales strategies and higher logistics requirements. Taking FBA warehouses as an example, sellers usually need to send domestic goods to multiple warehouses overseas, but The multi-bills delivery method will obviously increase the cost. The seller will choose to send the goods overseas in one batch, and then divide the goods into several batches through the overseas center of the third-party service provider, and distribute them to different FBA warehouses. By extension, this service is increasingly favored by sellers.

Problems solved by bulk cargo transfer business

Goods distribution: Help sellers distribute a batch of goods to different FBA warehouses to reduce logistics costs;

Return to warehouse: help sellers to transfer the inventory in FBA warehouse to another FBA warehouse or overseas warehouse for easy sales;

Meamaz bulk cargo transfer business advantages

Massive trunk line transportation and delivery resources help sellers complete delivery goals as quickly as possible;

Standardize the operation process in the warehouse, and the operation is fast and the warehouse is released quickly;

The whole process system is operated, and the logistics trajectory can be traced;

Meamaz bulk cargo transfer business support scope

All Meamaz overseas warehouses support FBA transshipment

US FBA transfer warehouse - US bulk cargo transfer

Amazon sellers are generally difficult to avoid account closure due to various reasons, products not available on shelves, customer returns, etc. This is a problem that every e-commerce seller may encounter. Meamaz in the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy can provide rebranding, repackaging, and shipping Amazon services, so that your products can regain their value and avoid loss of goods. After several years of communication with customers, our company found that almost all sellers have a backlog of goods that cannot be sold in Amazon warehouses. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. The packaging of the product is damaged during transportation and cannot be registered as a new product.

2. The LISTING audit is unqualified or invalid.

3. The product is infringed by the defendant, and the account is blocked.

In fact, 95% of these unsalable goods can be re-sold after processing, because:

1. Packing damaged goods, in fact, the goods themselves are not damaged.

2. The buyer may only return it because of personal preference for external packaging.

3. Listing can be solved by creating a new one, or by selling the same product.

4. If an account is down and the goods are still there, you can change your jacket and send it to another account.

The status quo is that most of the sellers are in China and cannot handle these items, so they have to resign themselves to fate. In this way, with the passage of time, more and more unsalable goods have been accumulated in Amazon's warehouses. Apart from the storage fees and destruction fees charged by Amazon, what sellers lose is mainly the money that has been spent on these goods, labeling and labeling. Labor costs, labeling fees, headway freight, customs duties, FBA charges, and expected merchandise revenue. Dealing with backlogs has become the most embarrassing loss for Chinese sellers. Even if Amazon can help return it, where can it be returned.

Handing it over to the forwarding company to return it to the country, the shipping fee is too high, and it is heartbreaking to let Amazon destroy it directly. Continue to keep them in FBA, and Amazon will deduct storage fees again. Meamaz, as an overseas warehouse smart housekeeper beside the seller, is the second home for your products in addition to the FBA warehouse. is your key to breaking through many kinds of confusion. Our overseas warehouse staff are familiar with Amazon product features and return rules. Rebranding, packaging, and transshipment can be processed quickly after receiving the return.

Meamaz Overseas Dropshipping

As the cost of Amazon's warehouse is getting higher and higher, other platforms are becoming more and more competitive, product, price, and operation competition are becoming more and more homogeneous, and consumers' logistics requirements are getting higher and higher. Sellers gradually let go of their thinking and competition Gradually shifting to the direction of logistics, overseas warehouses have also become the only way to improve competitiveness. Local delivery, logistics timeliness, and high shopping experience have benefited both sellers and buyers, and overseas warehouses have gradually been accepted by sellers.

Meamaz overseas warehouse drop shipping advantages

System operation, quick response, fast delivery;

The production capacity in the warehouse is sufficient, and the peak production capacity of 100,000 guarantees the efficiency of the warehouse;

High-quality local delivery resources and excellent delivery timeliness;

Warehouse management specifications, cargo safety;

Large-scale management, low cost of warehousing operation;

Meamaz overseas warehouse one-piece drop shipping support overseas warehouse

Meamaz overseas warehouse has four delivery methods

1. Self-owned team delivery

Stock up to Meamaz's overseas warehouse. After the buyer places the order, the overseas warehouse will be responsible for the delivery, and the transportation time is also more advantageous;

2. Local postal service

We cooperate with the local post office to support the transportation of more goods, even in remote areas, and the cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is: the timeliness is unstable. The postal service is not so suitable.

3. International express

Meamaz and DHL, UPS, EMS, DPD, Sagawa and other international express, in addition to being used as first-way delivery, can also be used for last-way delivery, and the timeliness is more guaranteed, but the cost is more expensive. There are also some local courier services.

4. Truck delivery

Meamaz works with local truck companies to solve the problem of heavy, bulky cargo. The biggest advantage of truck transportation is that the freight volume is relatively large and the cost is relatively cheap. Most of the goods that are generally transported by sea will be transported by local trucks. The timeliness of this method is also more guaranteed, but it is slower than express delivery.

Meamaz overseas warehouse return processing

Many returns are new products, damaged or slightly defective packaging, overseas warehouses can do quality inspection, and then clearly mark the price, the seller decides whether to repair, and then charges a certain fee. For products with high value, return the goods to the bonded area in Hong Kong or Shenzhen, repair and handle them in the bonded area, and then send them abroad.

In short, remove your customer returns from Amazon FBA warehouses, third-party overseas warehouses, or other storage locations to our after-sales service centers. We inspect and test each returned product according to the standard, and provide follow-up refurbishment and repair services.

We use professional technology to create secondary sales value for your products, and the products after completing the service can be returned to FBA or re-listed for sale. At least 80% of your returns can be converted to sellable inventory, increasing your sales revenue in a straight line.

Types of products supported by after-sales service

We have a group of experienced technicians with sufficient technical reserves. The types of repairs cover consumer electronics, smart wearables, household appliances, security camera products, and more.

If you have any questions about your products, please contact us, our professional technicians will answer for you!

Repair & Refurbishment of Non-Electronic Products

We provide basic refurbishment services, without the need for in-depth disassembly repairs, to restore your product to a new state for sale, and we can also provide such services for non-electronic types of projects.

For example: we can refurbish tools, toys, sporting goods, home accessories, outdoor items and more.

Multilingual Call Center

Professional multilingual customer service team is more friendly, quickly breaks the language and cultural differences in various regions, makes communication smoother, handles problems efficiently, and enhances corporate trust.

Collection return service

Relying on the information platform, it collects the return and exchange products of Chinese e-commerce sellers on third-party platforms or buyers, and sells them again according to customer requirements or sends them back to China by low-cost shipping, effectively reducing logistics costs.

Extended after-sales service

Meamaz will conduct regular return visits to consumers, mine after-sales data resources, and provide real-time feedback to service companies on the causes of failures, use of parts and consumables, etc., to help improve product quality.

After-sales service cycle and cost

If you cooperate in advance to send the replacement consumables and accessories to the after-sales service center, we will start the operation after a single batch is returned to the warehouse. The operation cycle is usually 5-8 working days; under certain circumstances, we also support the priority repair of parts and consumables purchased locally for you, or dismantle common parts from your products of the same type that have been supplemented, and improve the product as much as possible Extended value for secondary sales.

Configure the best destination country warehouse resources and operation team for customers to strictly ensure the safety of cargo storage.

Sellers do not need to worry about warehousing and distribution issues, all warehouses provide a 30-day free storage period, and a maximum of 90 days of free storage.

Meamaz can provide photo service for each customer, so that each customer can understand the actual situation of the products in warehouse in detail and accurately. For products with high value, customers can return the goods to Hong Kong or china bonded areas, repair and handle them in the bonded areas, and then send them abroad.

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